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Mansion History

Wedding Experience

This formal 1861 Civil War period mansion has been fully restored with Empire Style elegance.

Located in the Historic Benicia Arsenal where the Generals Sherman  and Grant once walked, it is available for overnight accommodations, a fine dining experience or to host a special event or wedding reception.

Where would one find the perfect setting for an elegant wedding day? What is the secret for attention to detail without the stress? What are the all critical components that cannot be left to chance?

To experience one of the most unique and exciting wedding venues in Northern California, take a tour of the Jefferson Street Mansion, the 1861 Formal Military Mansion which has been masterfully restored to its pre-Civil War grandeur. Here luxury knows no bounds. Rich velvet draperies, adorned with gold tassles hang from ceiling to floor; beautiful artwork generously framed in gold light up the walls; antiques and collectibles of distinction all serve to recreate the romance of the pre-civil war south.

The same elegance and style is displayed in the incredibly detailed wedding presentations. From the banquet table, which features huge ornate carved antique walnut center pieces, yards of swagged ivory brocades with gold tassels, richly detailed statuary with ivy topiaries, and elaborate silver trays for food presentation; every aspect of the service is a visual delight. The bride even has the privilege of dressing in a bedroom selected for the cover of Better Homes & Gardens Bedroom & Bath with the distinction of being one of the three best decorated rooms in the country and has been featured on four Home & Garden TV episodes.


The Jefferson Street Mansion: Historically Known as The Executive Officer’s Quarters

The Jefferson Street Mansion, the Executive Officers Quarters, as all other buildings in this section of the Historic Benicia Arsenal, were originally conceived and then built in the 1800’s; JSM specifically 1861. The commanding officer’s of these out posts had total autonomy and would often hire east coast architects to design creations of their own desire; so all three of the Executive Officer’s quarters buildings were all designed in a similar style with the same architectural detail vocabulary and then executed in lessening proportions as befitted each officer’s rank and position.

With the closing and decommissioning by the US Military of the Arsenal in the 1960’s, the property went into private ownership and was converted to commercial office space. By 1997 it had gone into decay and a bank foreclosure and was then purchased by J. Reed Robbins in 1998. Ms Robbins purchased the property specifically to restore for use as an event location. The design styles used are in reference to the past military as well as many classic historic French decorative enhancements.

The US Military were great admirers of the brilliant military strategist, Napoleon. In addition it was the French General Lafayette, that was significant to our own American Revolution. So many of the details are in homage to the French military as well as inspired by the Empire style of design.